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A parable against the de valuation of me August 27, 2009

A parable against the de valuation of me Pt.1
There once lived a girl in a harried woman’s world

She reasoned as a lamb amongst the lion’s

With her gentle simple ways

She would navigate the days

With loving faith in the Lord of Zion

She was covered by his love

Bathed in glory from above

Yet below, in the earth where she resided

Temptations flourished there

Flesh alive to sin aware

Raged a battle for her soul

Her mind divided

Ernest seeking for relief

From the searing touch of grief

That held her, a captive prisoner slave

She then tasted slop of pigs, in pretense that slop was figs

The forbidden fruit in lust her palate craved

Eyes now blind from sin’s deceit

Sightless wandering, her feet

Left the narrow path, and trudged the crooked road

Bearing all her worldly cares, all the ones that Christ did bear

She retrieved, suffering beneath the load

In a moment of despair

She cried out a groaning prayer

In utterance, no one could understand

Except the Savior from above

Filling her with holy love

Cast away her cares

And took her Fathers hand

He embraced her to his breast

Gave her sleepless nights a rest

Traded rusty hairclips, for a crown of gold

And the legend of her sins

That would surface time again

Swallowed in the sea, no more to be retold.

By Robminx

Copyright © 2009


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