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Baby Girl Blue August 27, 2009

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Baby Girl Blue
Baby girl at age two all dimples and smiles,Batting her lashes perfecting her wiles.

Lit up any room that she chose to walk in,

Melting your heart with her sweet little grin.

Daddy’s delight, and Mama’s joy,

Eight years old charming and coy.

Sassy and smart could outrun any boy,

All before she was ten.

At age fourteen a runaway child,

Rough, tough, meek and mild.

A vision of beauty, a sight to see,

She’s out on her own , and she still isn’t free.

Baby girl, baby girl what happened to you?

And what are the changes your young life’s been through?

Who turned off the light that once lit your eye?

Who stole all your laughter and left you to cry?

Silent screams unheard in the night,

Secrets kept enforced with fright.

“He was too big and I just couldn’t fight.”

Is all Baby girl would say.

Baby girl what you’re saying I hope isn’t true

But your life is all torn, and you are so blue

I was only nine when it happened one night,

Momma at work, and dad out of sight.

Uncle came in he turned off the light.

He was too big and I just couldn’t fight.

Baby girl, Baby girl, don’t drown in your tears,

Don’t chase off all hope with your runaway fears.

The pain of the past is an evil chain,

And the tears of forgiveness a cleansing rain.

The night doesn’t last and the dawn is sure,

To wash away hurts, sorrows and more.

Look into my eyes for here you will see,

That you’ll always be sweet Baby girl to me.

by Robminx

Copyright © 2009


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