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it’s time again August 27, 2009

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it’s time again

it’s raining again. he’s at it again.

he’s cussin and rageing and fussin again.

he’s killing his folks with his words again. he slaughters his own with his tone again.

he’s mean again. he’s green again, with envy and pride and with greed again.

they,re sad again, and mad again. they wilt from his wrath, they were bad again…well so he said.

they cry again. he sighs again. they all feel the pain as they die again.

they all dance this stupid dance again. they glide and they dip and they prance again. he leads again, they follow again. they all move along in the trance again.

the them of the they call it post traumatic. they don’t know their normal is damn dramatic. i feel again, to heal again. it’s not just a story but real again.

by Robminx
Copyright © 2009

Tags: Poetry, Robminx


3 Responses to “it’s time again”

  1. oviedostyle Says:

    I like this poem the best! What were you focusing on when you wrote it?

  2. oviedostyle Says:

    Thanks for the explanation.
    I am not a poetry expert, but it just flowed so well when I read it. I look forward to more of your poetry.

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