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Morning Cup of Love August 27, 2009

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Morning Cup of Love

Just couldn’t stand the silence. My thoughts nagged at me like a pebble in my shoe.
I tried to meditate. Sit quiet. Be still. My thinking taunted, screamed, rediculed.
I fought, shook my head, vigorously shaking away the cacophany of noise threating to steal the peace I craved.
I took some deep relaxing breaths.
I was determined to focus. Focus. FOCUS!
Choose a scripture, I told myself. Psalm 23. Good.
I began to recite it quietly. By rote.
Had I really been listening to what I was saying?
My mind charged me for not being prepared before I hit my knees to pray.
I shot back desperately ” What? I simply wanted to pray,reverence God, and touch base before I began my day. Does God require I prep to pray?
“GOD!” I cried out ” Do you require I prep to pray?”
” Come boldy to the throne of grace, my child” flooded my spirit.
I pushed away from the bed, face to the floor I went.
Moaning, groaning, uttering, crying, thanking, and praying was all I could do.
“Did I fall asleep? Or pass out?” I don’t know.
When I came to, curled up in a fetal position, I felt brand new, and at ease.
I sat up, looked at the disheveled bed yet to be made.
My night stand held the spiral notebook and legal pad filled with notes from two meetings I had to complete the minutes for.
The important calls I needed to make, the errands to run loomed not far behind the other cares of world that fought for my attention.
All those thoughts came rushing back, trying to consume me.
Oh but the complete peace, Peace, PEACE, that passes ALL understanding, rested gently in my heart, soul, mind, and spirit.
That peace crowned my head, embraced my shoulders, and shod my feet.
The peace that passes all understanding guarded my heart and my mind through Christ Jesus, and kept the cares of the day at bay.
I faced my day renewed, and refreshed, more than my good nights sleep, and my morning cup of coffee.
I called upon the Lord, and He comforted me!

Peace to you,

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