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Thigh meet August 27, 2009

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Thigh Meet

Okay so I get on a too crowded bus, tired and praying for a seat. I had caught the bus to another area in my town to a park beside a lake to take a breezy walk. The walk was great and would usually energize me, but the sun was so hot, and I didn’t have my hat or umbrella or shades. Needless to say my enthusiasm to get out of the house in a hurry was not well prepared. So by the time I’d done my two laps on the walking path around the lake, I was burnt inside and out. I had to wait a half an hour for the bus to come as well. When the bus finally arrived I barely had the strength to climb aboard, but if I hadn’t, I would have passed out from heat stroke.

Anyway I get on the bus and find a seat, “Oh joy!” next to ‘I really don’t care by this time’; But when I sat down… our thighs met. Electricity! We both wore shorts, so it was flesh on flesh contact…um um um. He let out an “ooh” as the expanse of my hips settled in beside him on the seat. His muscular hairy thigh was cool against the heat of my own. He edged over a bit and asked ” Are you comfortable?” I nodded my head yes, as I looked into eyes that sparkled like the lake water. This guy was so handsome, I had to catch my breath. “Um hm,” I replied and asked “Are you?” “Oh I’m fine” he said, then smiled “just fine now!” I grinned then marvelled at his brilliant smile.

“I like your dimples,” he said, ” You have a million dollar smile, if I may say so” he blushed. I blushed too. “You may, and thank you for saying so.” I responded trying to control my heart beat which had amped up it’s rhythm by now. We sat there for a moment, just checking each other out. I flushed with embarassment and looked away. He pressed his thigh against me again, firm yet tender. More Electricity!

I looked up to the front of the bus and realized that my stop was next. I sighed with dread at the thought of leaving this handsome stranger. As I prepared to get up, I awkwardly blurted ” My stop is next.” looking at him with a sideways glance. “Aw man,” he said, like a dissapointed child, “I have seven more stops to go.” He leaned over and whispered in my ear, ” Please Ma’m, forgive me if this seems forward, I mean no harm or disrespect; but Lady you have the softest skin, and it feels so good against mine.” My eyes widened, as my emotions teetered between feeling a bit flattered and uncomfortable, from his straight forward admission. I didn’t say anything. I pulled myself up, walked to the back of the bus waiting for the doors to open and set me free. As I stepped off the bus, I looked back over my shoulder, through the tinted bus windows, to where he sat. He looked at me and blew a kiss. I looked away. As I waited for my next bus to arrive, I pondered how your day can make a strange turn, when thighs meet.

by Robminx

Copyright © 2009

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