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Pimp Daddy in the Pulpit Pt.1 mini novel August 28, 2009

Devlin accepted her invitation to church. He figured it would score Brownie points with his current lady of interest. Angel was grateful to God that he came to church with her. She knew personally that whatever was going on with him, God’s love could fix it. As they entered the sanctuary, he watched the way she interacted with people around them. She tried to introduce him to some of the church members, but he grew increasingly antisocial. She lead him to a seat, politely excused herself, and continued to meet and greet the saints.

The sanctuary quickly filled to capacity, as Angel found her way back to her seat beside Devlin. She smiled warmly saying ” You’ve got a treat coming Dev, praise and worship is awesome here!” He nodded his head, giving a half smile saying “If you say so, We’ll see.” “Oh and the way Pastor Conman preaches the word; He’s not just a preacher but a teacher!” She said excitedly. The smile left his face as he thought, ” Aw man, she’s one of them blind sheep chicks, lead by any hustler preacher coming down the road.” His invisible anti religious armour plating quickly formed around his mind, like some sort of transformer robot. “Man I can’t believe I’m going to spend at least two hours trapped in here with these holy rollers. DANG!” he flustered.

The service began, the room grew silent as a call to corporate prayer was issued. A reverent hum filled the church. Angel took Devlins hand in hers, bowed her head and prayed silently. He didn’t bow his head ,just looked around in disbelief at all the ” suckers” he thought, who fell for all this religious stuff. Angel gently squeezed his hand, as tears eased from her eyes. He looked at this woman with the beautiful tear streaked face, and remembered why he found himself in this place.

They met at work. Devlin liked the way Angel carried herself. She had an aire of dignity. She wasn’t prideful or boastful he noticed. He appreciated how she seemed to possess a quiet strengh. She didn’t gossip around the water cooler like some of the other women in the office, she’d smile, exchange greetings, and go on about her business. “Hm…” He thought, ” She looks like an interesting challenge for a super brotha like me,” he chuckled to himself, and made it his goal to get to know this woman.

Devlin observed Angel for a few days, clocking her comings and goings; what time she got into the office, and when she left. Angel usually came to work early, and left late. He found out when she took lunch and what she liked to eat, colorful healthy looking stuff. She would leave five minutes before lunch break was over to get back to her desk on time, which was just across the hall from the lunch room. This woman was diligent, she worked when it was time to work, no wasting time in socializing too much. He wondered what she did for fun, if she allowed herself some fun. She must do something, he thought, cause she keeps a genuine smile on her face. He’d made his rounds in the office pool of women, there was someting very different about this one.

Devlin walked into the lunchroom one day, when he knew Angel would be there, pretending to search the vending machine for something to munch on, he muttered “Hm…what’s it gonna be today?” At first he carried on like he hadn’t seen her sitting there quietly in the corner. With a slight turn he feigned surprise when their eyes met and said ” I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I wasn’t alone. It’s just that I get so caught up in my work sometimes, I forget to eat.” he lied. Angel replied ” Oh it’s perfectly fine. I hope I didn’t startle you?” “Got her!” He thought to himself with a sly smile.” The fish is on the line, time to reel her in!”

To be continued….

by Robminx
Copyright © 2009


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