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Dealing September 1, 2009

tip… tip toe around the subject

the time has come for us to just discuss it

the fracture’s clear

the break up’s near

the truth is LOUD,

we can no longer hush it.

i shared with you that lately i’m not happy

you said to stop my whining, don’t be sappy.

i said thats part of the reason, we’ve suffered past our season

you said my point of view was just plain crappy.

at the end, how dim the glow, of love that once shined bright

to bed i go, my back i show, my tears they flow all night,

sleep bears no rest, i do my best,to turn the wrongs to right.

this morning, i awoke to see me smiling

i smiled at you, so natural, not like trying.

i bid you well,

no more to tell

HELLO, new life, HELLO,

no more goodbyeing.

by Robminx

Copyright © 2009


One Response to “Dealing”

  1. justelisa Says:

    I really loved this! It had some terrific movement and emotion. You have a great voice – super work!

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