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Oaisis Man September 1, 2009

Oasis Man


oh oasis man, i want to bask beneath the shade of your tree

i want to taste your sweet and tangy fruit

cause your love’s so good to me

oh oasis man, into your cool waters i must dive

i need your love to quench my desperate thirst

your good loving keeps me alive

and oh oasis man, you are the shelter in the desert of my soul

i crawl to you when the world has burned me out

you cover me when my world turns cold

oh oasis man, i find rest in your loving arms

your love is peace, and joy, and happiness

you keep me safe in the midst of life’s storms

and oh oasis man, i want to love you with all of my might

i want to hold you til my life’s sunset

and wake to you in heavens sunrise.

by robminx © August 2009


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