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Pimp Daddy in the Pulpit or (PDP) Pt.3 September 3, 2009

The steamy shower became a sanctuary for Devlin, as he sat beneath the spray of a vigorous massage head. He buried his face in his hands, with fingertips searching his scalp for answers to questions that played around in his mind. What happened? He was not supposed to be taking this shower alone. Devlin had had big plans for Angel tonight. How could a radio news report cut short his intended night of pleasure? Still, the news of the Pop Stars untimely demise was shocking. What was more shocking was Angel’s reaction to it though.

“Oh no!” “ No You can’t tell me it’s true. No. Mi…Mic…Michael is not dead!” Angel had cried out. Even she couldn’t believe the intensity of her anguished sobs, as she recalled her behavior when she’d heard the news in Devlin’s car. Yes, she was a true fan, and sad about his passing. She loved his music, the old school vibes were what she liked to groove to. Using her bad reaction as a way to get out of the uncomfortable situation she’d found herself in with Devlin, gave her a pang of guilt, but she knew she’d done the right thing. “I can’t believe how bad I cut up” she told Honey baby. “Girl I straight showed my butt in that man’s car.” She laughed. “You know how I used to do when Nannette was about to whip us for something stupid, when bonehead Bernard wasn’t around?” Honey baby turned away from the sink where she was washing the dishes. She raised her head with a faraway look in her eyes and sighed, “Angie girl you saved us from a lot of ass whippings with that routine.

Angel nodded her agreement, remembering the miserable foster home of Bernard and Nannette Jenkins where she first met Janette. A pained expression began to creep slowly on Angels face, as unhappy memories rushed back to taint the moment of frivolity the girls shared. Honey baby, sought to pull Angel back from the abysmal past with a sassy pursing of her lips,and her hands on her hips “You was wrong for that Angel” Janette said, shaking her head and grinning, “You should’ve went on and gave that man some of the ‘good good!’ Don’t act like you didn’t need to get some yourself, with your old uptight behind.” “Forget you Janette. I’m not giving up anything until I’m married with the papers, house and money to prove it.” “I won’t settle for anything less.” Angel affirmed. Honey baby sucked her teeth saying “Look at you miss high and mighty, you almost sound like a virgin.” The stony look on Angel’s face told Janette she’d gone too far this time. “I’m sorry Angie, I didn’t mean it like that” she explained.” Yes you did.” Angel said quietly.”

Janette sat on the edge of the living room sofa pissed off with herself, for what she’d said to Angel. She couldn’t understand why she always seemed to say the wrong thing and mess stuff up. Her skin was crawling and Angel wasn’t so generous with the money lately. She needed to forget and feel good again. “I’m out of here.” She whispered, and Honey baby was gone. Angel heard the door shut and stepped into the living room to find herself home alone again. “Forget it” she said, after she’d grabbed the door handle, turning it ready to open the door and call out after Honey baby. “Forget it, forget her.”

The coolness of the 800 thread count sheets felt delicious against Angel’s sweetly scented soft skin. After her luxuriant bath and the extra time she took slathering herself with the new scented crèmes and lotions she bought from the mall yesterday, Angel was feeling extremely relaxed. The ceiling fan above her bed helped dry her nudeness as she slipped into bed. “Ummm” she moaned, her head sinking into plush the down pillow. Angel’s bedroom was her peaceful hideaway from the world. She was usually frugal about everything in her life; her time, her money, her emotions, all tightly controlled. Her bedroom was the only place she would allow any indulgence. Memories of how she lived growing up made this so. The horrible living conditions and miserable sleeping arrangements still haunted her sometimes.

“Oh Devlin” Angel sighed into the pillow she held tightly to her breast, “I’ll make it up to you somehow.” Angel knew what she’d done after church today. How she’d lured Devlin in with sex bait, and no intention of letting him flop around in her boat. “Please forgive me Father for misleading Devlin with my deception, but you know I couldn’t do what I think he intended. I repent Lord and will try to do better in the future.”

Across town Devlin lay in bed staring up at the ceiling, frustrated that he couldn’t change positions to sleep more restfully. “Angel” he said through gritted teeth, “Who do you think you are? he questioned” You will pay for this. Nobody does this to me.” He sat up in bed, punching the mattress with his fist, flung back the covers and stood to his feet. Devlin paced a for a few seconds and headed to the desk in his bedroom. Sitting down he noticed the unopened pastel pink envelope that he’d tossed there earlier. He picked it up looked at the post mark and addressee, turned it over, fingered it for a monent and placed it beneath the desk pad. Tears stung his eyes as a flash of regret gripped his heart. Devlin went back to bed. As he lay on his stomach, he still found himself restless and unable to sleep as thoughts of a beautiful woman, once again occupied his mind. Only this time it wasn’t Angel.

by Robminx
Copyright © 2009

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2 Responses to “Pimp Daddy in the Pulpit or (PDP) Pt.3”

  1. Jaime Lynne Says:

    Okay, I’m still trying to figure stuff out, like how to reply to your comment, but thank you very much. With your story, I feel like I’m right there. It reminds me of when I lived in Nashville for some reason. Keep it comin’, girl!

  2. tom1950 Says:

    I just read your last six or so posts and have to say that I am overwhelmed by your poetry. The symmetry and symbolism is there if one delves deep enough. I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed so I can get more.


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