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Pimp Daddy in the Pulpit Pt. 4 constant cravings September 4, 2009

Pimp Daddy in the Pulpit Pt. 4 constant cravings

Stepping off of the elevator at six thirty sharp, Angel smiled looking around the eighth floor lobby of Dawson Inc. Business Counslting Firm.Though she figured she was probably the only one in this early, she still stopped to check her self in the face of the massive polished brass doors. The shoulder length paige boy hairstyle she’d had her hairdresser Dawn to cut, framed her face beautifully, she thought. She stood back admiring the contours of her five foot six inch, one hundred and seventy one pound, fine brown frame. The crisp, white, lightly starched mens shirt, the black and white pinstripe pencil skirt, her shapely nude legs, and the way she rocked the Prada black leather square toe sling back pumps with the six inch heel she’d purchased from ebay, made her say “Fierce!” to herself. She smoothed her hair and skirt with a slight twist of her body, adjusting her briefcase satchel to check out her banging bodacious booty, as she liked to call it, then entered the general office area.

At 6:33 Angel walked inside her office cubicle closing the pocket door behind her. Looking around the sparse neatly organized room, she set her briefcase down on the desk and pluged in her single serve coffee maker. Bending over to reach inside the bottom drawer of her desk, she proclaimed ” I think it’s gonna be a French Vanilla kinda morning” picking up a fancy foil package and her coffee mug. “Ooh wee!!….Girl when you bend over like that, makes a man wanna holler, Ow ” Devlin said smiling, entering her office closing the door behind him. He’d followed Angel in, stealthyly shadowing her steps, watching her inticing wiggle and wanting more. Angel shot up looking around to see Devlin standing there with a devilish grin. She has to know how she’s working that skirt, and those sweet berry lips he thought. Man I want to kiss those lips. “What in the world is wrong with you? How dare you come into my office unannounced, trying to scare the coffee out of me!” she said lifting her mug. Devlin laughed, Angel did too, grabbing a bottled water, and turning back to her coffee pot. She needed her morning cup of Jo to make it through the day.

“What are you doing here so early Dev? I usually have this place all to myself til 7:30.” Devlin shook his head in agreement, knowing that she was right. He’d studied her pattern for a month before he’d made his move on her. Even after he’d finally made first contact in the lunch room, it had taken him four months to get her comfortable in his presense, and as he’d gotten to know her, he’d come to admire Angel all the more. “Well I had some work to catch up on, so I figured this would be a good time to do it without interruption.” he answered. “Yup, I feel you. It’s how I stay ahead and don’t feel pressured like some of my co workers.” “Yeah, I notice you don’t seem to be as frazzled as some of the other secretaries.” he answered. “Admistrative Assistant is my current job title, thank you Mr. Marshall; and I didn’t get promoted to this position by allowing myself to be ‘frazzled’.” Angel corrected, leaning over her desk to turn on the computer. “Time to warm this baby up and get it into high gear.” she said ” Quite a bit of work to be done after helping Trent land the new Whelden account.” ” Oh yeah, Trent did mention that your research was instrumental in Dawson getting that deal?” Devlin said ” A little organization goes a long way, but I don’t have to tell you that Mr. V.P. of marketing, do I.” she answered with a wink.

“Don’t be winking at me after I’ve just seen you bend over in that skirt woman. Remember your promotion comes from hard work, not flirting with management. Angel cocked her head, placing a neatly manicured hand on her hip, ” Well Mr. Marshall” she emphasized, believe me when I tell you that I understand my position in this organization. I am well versed and adhere to this company’s policies, especially regarding fraternization between employees.” she snipped back. Devlin hadn’t expected this reaction, and quickly tried to clean up his mess by saying,” Okay. Okay I believe you, but I haven’t forgotten you still owe me from yesterday, and I am expecting payment. So when do you plan to make it up to me Angel? Oh, and are you feeling better today?” Angel nodded a yes flipping through her day planner, she still seemed annoyed, yet sad. Devlin went to her pulling her into his embrace. “It’s gonna be alright, I was shocked at Michael’s sudden death myself. I didn’t know you were such a big fan of his though.”

They stood there holding each other for awhile. The delicate floral scent of her sweet perfume left him breathless. Angel rested her head against his strong shoulders, taking in the earthy tones of his cologne. His bulging bicepts drew her closer into his rock hard chest; which, by the way Angel noticed, wasn’t the only thing that was ‘rock hard.’ She tried to ease out from his arms but the six foot two ebony prince of a man held fast his position, lifting her face up to his. “Devlin no” she said in a small unconvincing voice. “Yes” Devlin said his eyes locking her into a searing gaze.

His hands tenderly carressed her face, thumbs tracing the fine definition of her lips. “Devlin no, wait…” she tried to say more, but moist, full lips were now pressed against her own. The kiss was so sudden and sweet, Angel melted in his arms. He eased his soft tongue inside her mouth probing, and tasting her morning mintiness. “Ummm” she moaned as she circled his tongue with her own. He gently lifted and eased her onto the desk without breaking the rhythm of the kiss. His hands began to skillfully navigate the contours of her body. Devlin pressed in closer, slightly parting Angels legs, trying to steady his stance. He reached behind her grabbing and carressing the nice firm ass that caught his eye in the first place, and pulled her closer to him.

Angel broke the trancelike kiss breathless saying ” Devlin you know we can’t do this. You know as well as I do how strict Trent is about employee fraternization. I can’t do this. I like my job, and this isn’t what I want for my life right now.”Angel weakly tried to push Devlin away from her. It was so hard to fight him off,when she was doing battle with herself in her own mind.

Yes she wanted to be a woman of faith and remain celebate, like she’d promised herself and Vgee. Virginia ‘Vgee’ Duncan was Angels co worker, friend, surrogate mother, and mature christian mentor. Virginia was the one who invited and would take Angel to church and bible study with her when she didn’t have a car. It was Vgee who took her under her wing and showed her the ropes and pitfalls at Dawson Inc. Yes it was Vgee’s love and patience with the cherisihed broken baby doll, as Virginia had once called her, that brought her into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She didn’t want to break her four years straight of celebacy; but damn Devlin’s heat felt good between her legs.

While her mind and emotions warred, Devlin’s hands were working diligently and passionately on her flesh. He was biting her left nipple through her shirt, and his slightly calloused hand traveled up the inside of her right thigh. Angel clamped her thighs together on his hand to halt it’s advancement. While she was focusing on the tingling of her thighs, Devlin was once again in her mouth with his tongue, as he eased his hand from between her legs and began to rub and gently pinch her nipples, rolling them tenderly between his fingers.

Angel arched her back, opening and easing the tension in her thighs, while sensations began to rock in her body that she’d not allowed herself to feel for so long. Devlin was getting to her. In an instant his hand had left the peak of her nipple, and was now deep down in the bush. “Ahh,” ” Ahh!” they moaned in unison. Devlin was pleasently surprised to find that Angel wore no underwear as he had suspected when he’d watch her ass through her clothes every time she walked by. Angel clamped her thighs together again, only this time she meant to keep his hand in place.” Ahh,” she moaned again as Devlin’s hand masterfully manipulated the soft wet fleshy folds, and the erect hooded pearl in the center of her love muffin. Slowly, deliberately, up and down, around and around, in and out, and all about his fingertips travelled the throbbing walls of her pleasure pit. Angel began a gentle gyration of her hips matching Devlin’s hand rythms.

A wide grin stretched across Devlin’s face, feeling the victory of finally capturing his prey. He thought of how hard he had to work to get her in this position. All her talk about “the Lawd,” how she was going to remain celebate, and “keep” herself, he smirked to himself. The icy self righteous shell she’d allowed to form around her heart and body has melted into a puddle of lust and desire for me, he thought. Where is all that high minded talk now? He watched her face eyes closed, tears streaming down her cheeks like when she was at church feeling the spirit. She was feeling something now, but it ain’t no spirit, it’s the expert stylings of “the Devlin,” he chuckled quietly. Time to turn up the heat he thought laying Angel down on the desk, he unzipped his trousers, and released ‘the beast’ is what he called it! Spreading her thighs wider, he positioned himself firmly centered, taking his hand away and unleashed ‘the beast’ like a guided missile. Angel felt the delightful change when the beast struck it’s target, and began to buck wildly, riding the beast to the peak of extacy. This shocked and delighted Devlin, and he thought he would lose his mind at how good it felt being inside of her.

“Damn baby, I didn’t know it would feel this good with you!” is all Devlin could say. Angel was working him so good he feared he wouldn’t last long enough, and attempted to maintain his dominance of the situation. This woman was rocking his world and turning him out. He was having difficulty trying to keep up with her bump and grind. Gripping her sexy wide hips he began to forcefully slam into her. “OW, AHH, OHH!” she gasped reaching behind him and grabbing his butt to make him go harder and faster. “That’s right, work me daddy, I need you to work me!’ she moaned. “Uhh” Devlin shut his eyes tight, trying hard not to lose control too soon. Angel never let up and began to wrecklessy buck harder against him. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, stiffining and groaning “OH, OHHH” Devlin could stand it no longer, and with a deep powerful thrust he let go, pushing Angel so far back on the desk, her head bumped against something and sent it crashing to the floor.

Whatever it was that had fallen to the floor, began to noisily beep, beep, beep. That didn’t matter, they both were too far gone. Beep, beep, beep, the noise grew louder irretating Devlin in the critical moment of his release. Beep, beep, beep!” Dang it” he groaned as his body jerked. Beep, beep,beep. Devlin opened his eyes struggling to focus, and finally made out the dots on his bedroom ceiling. Feeling a strong sensation and looking down on his body he shook his head in frustration, squeezing every drop of juice from the beast. As he watched the life milk ooze from the eye of the beast, spilling onto his fingers, through gritted teeth he spat out “Damn you Angel. You best believe I’m gonna get your stuck up ass!”

The forty eight year old Mrs.Virginia Duncan, wife of Vernon Duncan the long haul trucker, mother to Vernon Jr.(26), Lacy(24), Tricia(23), Grace(21) and Lance(19), sat at the desk in her cubicle, in somewhat of a panic, fingers feverishly tapping away at her keyboard. Pressing enter to post a comment on her gmail I M chat, she closed her eyes holding her breath in wait of a prompt response. A few seconds went by and ‘Ding’, the wait was over. ” Okay, Vgee girl get a grip” she told herself opening her eyes and reading the words that caused her to blush like a an impressionable school girl. “YES!!!! Virginia I had a great time, and look forward to seeing you soon.” the chat box revealed. “Yes!” she mouthed, punching the air, tapping her feet in a seated victory dance. “He wants to see me again, he wants to see me again.” she chanted in sing song vibe. Virginia spun around in her chair and almost fell off of it when she saw Devlin standing in her open doorway. ” Looks like somebody just got some good news huh?” Devlin said with a quizzical smile, wondering what this old girl was so pumped up about. Using the desk to stop the chairs momentum, and trying hard to steady her racing heart beat, she took a deep breath saying ” Good morning Mr.Marshall. Yes, I did get good news. Is there something I can help you with today? she asked thinking, “What kind of mess is this? This is the second time this month he’s stopped by my office. She was the Executive Secretary to Glen Casey, not him, and upper management didn’t really hang out around the regular folks. Angel must have this man whipped and strung out.”

“Yes you can help me actually, I was looking for Angel have you seen her? I just left her office and she wasn’t in there. Devlin said. Before Virginia could respond, Trent Dawson the President and C.E.O. of Dawson Inc, happened by. Trent patted Devlin on the back , peeked over at Virginia with a wide grin asking ” Hey, is there something going on in here I should know about?” Not waiting for a response, and winking at Virginia he said “Ginny tell Glen our meeting is postponed until tomorrow afternoon would you? I should be back from my over nighter by then. Denise’ll let you all know if there are any other changes.” “I certainly will.” she replied smiling. Virginia had been with the company almost from it’s inception, she Trent, and his secretary Denise, had developed a great rapport. Trent turned his attention to Devlin ” Glad I caught you here Devlin, I need an update on the Midland Group. I know Ben Hollister can be a handful, I trust you have that in check though.” “I do indeed, and I have the new figures ready for you in my office”. Devlin said. “Good, I’ll just head over there with you and pick them up then.” Trent said stepping out of Virginia’s cubicle into the office traffic, that parted like the red sea when the employees saw Trent coming. Devlin followed close behind, and Vgee breathed a sigh of relief for dodging the Angel/Devlin bullet.

Virginia returned to her gmail where the chat box screamed “WHERE ARE YOU V? ARE YOU STILL THERE?” Blushing, she typed “hold your horses big daddy I’m back.” enter. send. ding. chat box ” oh yeah i like it when you mind ya daddy lol” came the reply, then “when can i c u again V? i wanna b witcha baby. enter. send. Virginia sat back in her chair pondering her current situation. Oh Lord what am I going to do? I want this man so bad I can feel his touch right now. I know it’s wrong Lord, I know it’s wrong, to want him so much. And even though Vern treats me like some dog he hates me, I’m still a married woman, she reasoned. A christian married woman with grown children not much younger than him. I want this fine, handsome, beautiful young man so bad I can almost taste him on my tongue. Then pleading she whispered ” Lord help me Father, I know it’s wrong but I want him so bad.” She sighed deeply thinking of the first time she met thirty five year old David for breakfast at a local pancake house. The attraction was immediate and intense. She thought satan sure knows how to get at you, this man is made to order for me physically. Everything Vern wasn’t, David most assuredly was. He was taller, thicker, firmer, cuter, and oh yeah, hung like a royal stallion. She found that out when they did a googbye hug and he almost bore a hole through her stomach with his desire.

David stood back from Virginia after the ole poke e doke saying ” Do you see how you affect me baby?” She recalled being extremely flattered by having a young man this sexy have such an “obvious” attraction to her, and calling her “baby, when she was thirteen years his senior. With Vern, he didn’t get hard till she was hanging off of the edge of the bed ass out. Even then, he had to rub his limpness up against her moistness for the sleeper to come alive. The pitiful imitation of sex that usually followed was too embarassing to think about. Ah but David, he smiled mischeviously as Virginia’s eyes bulged, at the sight and size of his bulge in his jeans. “Whoa,” Virginia said, as the stallion strained against Davids pants to be free. She wanted to free the stallion, mount the stallion, and ride the royal stallion to victory, right where they stood between their cars. David’s six foot frame towered over Virginia’s own five foot four, shielding her from the hot Texas sun. “Whoa what? he asked, You wanna tame my wild mustang Mz. Virginia?” David chuckled. Virginia leaned back against her Range Rover, reached out, hooked a fore finger through the top of David’s belt buckle, pulled him closer saying ” Little boy, if you knew how long it’s been since I’ve been broke off proper, you wouldn’t even play like that. Mz. V got some good stuff, that ain’t been treated right in a long, long time. I’m liable to hurt you son.” She smiled pouting ” Come give mama some sugga lil daddy.” she said purring now. Leaning in he kissed her tenderly, at first. The current of electricity that ran through them both was like a lightening strike that burned them in place.

The arms that held Virginia were pure comfort. Virginia was lost for a moment and didn’t want to be found. David’s embrace tightened and then, as if she was feather light, he lifted her off of her feet, and on to her toes kissing her passionalely. Disbelief and passion made Virginia lightheaded, that this man could pick her two hundred twenty two pound self up on her toes. One arm held her while the other inched down gripped and squeezed her ample bottom, easing between her legs and began a massage that blew her mind. When her loins began to tingle, twitch and contract, she pulled away gasping “Whoo! This is too much for me. Boy if you keep that up, I’ll have your fingers wet through my jeans.”With his mouth pressed against her ear, in a husky voice he asked “So what’s the problem? I can tell by your touch and kiss you want me as bad as I want you.” He was right of course. Her hands were all over him too. She held and carressed him like he was something treasured and cherished. Virginia hadn’t experienced a passionate kiss so delicious since she was a teenager; which is what she felt like in David’s arms. ” Come on Virginia, we gonna do this or what? I want you and we grown. Girl you see I’m ready to go right now!” he said gripping himself. Right then, Virginia while shifting her hips, came in her panties. Quivering she said ” Yes we are going to do this. I’ve never in my life wanted a man as much as I want you David. Not today though, I have to go now.”

Dissapointed and sad Virginia turned to leave a man that left her wet and lovestruck. “Hey V” he called out, is that good stuff between your legs for me? You gone give it to me baby?” Vgee turned back nodding and saying ” Yes David this is all yours. I have no doubt in my mind, the way you’ve touched me today, that you do know what to do with it. “Hey David”, she shot back pointing to his crotch. “Is all of that mine?” He stopped, looked her in the eyes and answered “Yes. As of now all of this belongs to you. I won’t even touch my self until I’m touching you again baby.” ” I want you V. I want you girl.” After the exchange of sweet lies, and one last lusty longing look at each other, they got in their cars and drove away. “Ding” The sound pulled her back into the present moment, to the chat box and David asking “V r u still there? answer me. when can i c you baby?” enter. send. “I’ll let you know soon my love. Vern is still in town and I can’t get away just yet baby.” enter. send. ding. chat box ” when is that fool leaving again? enter. send. In about a week daddy. i do miss u. tho. enter. send. ding. chat box “miss u 2. i want sum good good! enter. send. ding. “um. u so nasty. just like i like it. enter. send. ding. chat box ” nasty 4 u. i’m out. hit me up lata. enter. send. “ok i’ll holla. enter. send. x out. logout. Time to get back to work. Virginia dialed Glen to update him on the meeting with Trent. She picked up a stack of foulders, shuffled through some papers and grimaced when her cell phone buzzed. It was Vern.

to be continued….

by Robminx
Copyright © 2009


4 Responses to “Pimp Daddy in the Pulpit Pt. 4 constant cravings”

  1. tom1950 Says:

    Here is a Haiku I’ve composed for your last post:

    An empty slate here
    Upon which to write profound
    Instant Messenger

    I think you would excel at Haiku. Five syllables, seven syllables, and five syllables; that’s all there is to it.


    • robminx Says:

      Thank you so much Tom. I’m going to try Haiku. I may even include it in my next PDP Pt.5 post as a dedication to you for being so kind to me my new poet pal. lol You’ve made my day two days in a row. I will spend my weekend on a smiling Tom high ;-0


  2. fathersfootprints Says:

    It has become obvious that I need to go back to chapter 1 and begin reading there. Sounds like a novel in the works


  3. Coop Says:

    Your ability to paint such a vivid picture with details is something that I envy. I know you asked me to read some of your work, and it took me a while to get back in here…I have to say it was well worth the wait. I will continue to endulge myself in your work some more…comments forthcoming.

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