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Gossip Girls November 1, 2009

Gossip girls, Gossip girls,

Motor mouths that rule the world

Spreading rumors with a whisper, into ears drop bitter pearls.

Harvesting their bitter pearls from the sea of other’s sorrows

Cast their nets today, for the bait they’ll use tomorrow.

Feasting on the misery from lives of other folks

Masking viciousness, with a wink, and twisted jokes.


When I decided not to gossip with you anymore

Forget the box… I opened up Pandora’s door!

To the closet where my skeletons and secrets kept,

A heavy lid on the past where my pain slept.

So then you spread all my business out there to the world.

Yeah I was hurt, but I knew you were a gossip girl.

You exposed my stuff wide screen for them all to see…

Flashed me your fake smile… what… now you’re my frienemy?

I’m getting smirks from co-workers that we used to Dog!

They treat me funny, like some kind of backside log.

They’re passing looks over cubicles with eyebrows raised

I know the deal, I used to do it, Man those were the days.

Those were the days when I was too afraid to tell you “STOP!”

Before an ugly word from your mouth was ever dropped,

About another and the struggles they were going through.

It ain’t my business, I’m doing me, they’re doing them, you should be doing you.

Not nosing around in the scent of other peoples lives…

“Child did you hear about the latest, and it ain’t no lie…

“He’s freaking him. She’s freaking her. They’re freaking both their wives!”

Now that’s some rotten stuff, it’s funky, and it’s sorry too.

I should have known better than to play that game with you.

The dog that brings a bone will ultimately snatch and crack,

A piece of your bone, and stab you with it in the back.

How can you pass all those judgments on your fellow man?

He’s on his hustle, trying to make it, doing the best he can.

You cop a “tude” when you see them riding their new whip,

Check your shoulder, that’s not dandruff, just a nasty chip!

A chip that WILL get knocked off, if you keep that gossip going.

What benefit is it to you, people’s business knowing?

And in the telling do you Honestly believe you’re spared?

The one you gossiped with, left you and your business shared.

Shared your struggles with another one who plays the game

One who gossips recklessly, pretends to feel no shame.

But late at night when sweet quiet soothes and calms the world

She regrets the day, that she became a gossip girl.


By Robminx

Copyright © 2009







22 Responses to “Gossip Girls”

  1. Ricardo Says:

    Wow this poem is amazing. I write poetry myself, I have around 30-odd poems. I’m just contemplating whether to record my voice and post it online or just copy and paste the text over from my Facebook. Keep up the good work though!

    • robminx Says:

      Thanks for stopping by and your encouraging words. I’m preparing to record and post some of my more intimate poetry as well. I say go for it!!! The world needs to hear our voice.

  2. First, I’d like to thank you for stopping by and posting such encouraging words on my blog. I enjoyed this poem tremendously. Some people just don’t realize the damage that can be done with the tongue-the words that come from our mouths can inflict more harm than any gun or knife. I can’t say I’m innocent, because I have participated in my share of gossip, but no more. Forget the food, sometimes a tongue-fast is the real fast God wants from us.

    • robminx Says:

      God bless and thank you my sister for stopping by my site. I”m glad you enjoyed the poem. I wrote it because I’ve seen both side, and it’s ugly any way you look at it! I’ll keep visiting your site it’s great!

  3. Manny Says:

    WOW! You have a gift with words! Also, wanted to drop by and say thank you for dropping by our blog and saying hi. very much appreciated!

  4. Simon Says:

    Hi Robin

    An inspired piece,a lesson for those with vicious tongues!

  5. In the end, those who start gossip, end up being as avoided as their victims.

  6. joyloaphype Says:

    Lots of people talk about this matter but you wrote down some true words.

    • robminx Says:

      Thanks Richard for stopping in and commenting. If we could all savour and place better value on our own business, other folks’ business won’t be as tempting to taste.

  7. Maya T. Says:

    hello, i love this poem…i love you mommy! it is true and in my highschool years i will never gossip…it’s not right…and it hurts a lot of people.

    • robminx Says:

      OH my QueenBeautyBabyDoll thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love you soooooooo much and appreciate you being such a lovely young lady who brings me nothing but joy!!! Who’s the queen of my heart…hmmm?;-0

  8. Says:

    One of my fav’s mom keep them coming…is “baby girl blue” posted…Kyla tried to write a poem like that…… it didn’ work out so well lmbo…..I love u mom

    • robminx Says:

      Oh Tynie thanks so much my baby rock! It always means so much coming from you my dear. Yes Baby Girl Blue is posted you just need to scroll down a bit to see it. Love you Tynie!!!

  9. Pennie Says:

    Now this is a brilliant poem =] I’m glad to of found you, or rather that you found me.

  10. TrueMan Says:

    Where’s the part about you pulling her weave out and snatching her bald for puttin’ your business in the street? 🙂

    • robminx Says:

      Hey TrueMan! Instead of pulling hers out, I’m growing mine and flinging it in her face. lol Instead of getting bitter, I’ve gotten better. ;-0 Thanks for stopping by, I really dig your blog!

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