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Long Story Short… November 1, 2009

Long story short…

The first thing I noticed was the strength of his thighs
I looked up and was struck by the slant of his eyes
I was shy so my eyes took a dip to his hips
My mouth went dry when I noticed him licking his lips
I stood up and started shifting from side to side
In a blink he was next to me in one smooth stride
I covered my face cause my jaw went slack
As I noticed him checking me out from the back
The sun dimmed when he showed his sparkling grin
He was eyeing me hard and stroking his chin
He was so fine my mind just couldn’t believe
The admiration from this man I had just received
We boarded the bus at the end of our day
His eyes clearly locked on me, the entire way
The world seemed to shift as my heart did a drop
When I saw he was getting off at the next stop
I thought “Dang it always seems to happen like this.”
I changed my mind when he caught my eye and blew me a kiss
I thought this is the end of our moment so sweet
But I was wrong once again, for again we did meet
In a funny circumstance at school the next day
When he noticed me across campus from far away
He waved and yelled, “Wait!” as he ran to catch up
I tried to flee, but I didn’t move fast enough
He caught up when I was just about to open the door
To my class, he made a pass for my number, and scored
Not just my telephone number and curiosity that day
But my heart as well, for then I was in all the way
We started out as friends, it’s been twenty four years, And
Now he’s my six babies daddy and yes my husband.
How can pain douse the flame that once burned so strong?
How did what we thought was right go so incredibly wrong?
How does the brilliant shine of dreams fade into dismal grays then black?
How does friendship that was tight, lose it’s grip and fall slack?
Can we ever build a bridge across the gaping abyss?
Were the little hurts we stuffed away the clues that we missed?
Are the days of long ago when we called each other “Friend”
Overshadowed by our bitterness, now signaling the end?
It’s as hard as hard can be for me to say good-bye to you
But my sanity’s at stake, so it’s what I must do
To regain my peace, my happiness, and be my better self
To be what you said you wanted, I put me upon the shelf
I will never hate you, Ever, for the better part of “We”
Are the one’s we’ve made together, we were blessed you must agree
In their genes they carry promises that we could never taste
But the times we shared together were not at all a waste
For the things I thought would kill me, showed me that I have the strength
To walk and run the distance, to stretch and to reach the length
Of heights I couldn’t imagine, one’s only God could see
To be all that God Himself has created me to be.
“Smooches Dahling” on our parting, no it’s not a godfather’s kiss
And the things I’ve written here are in no way meant to “Diss”
You, or me or what we had, life is what it is, So then
One day with out pain or strings attached, we’ll call each other friend…again.

By Robminx
Copyright © 2009


4 Responses to “Long Story Short…”

  1. Says:

    I really like this one mom……its real and its a part of your/our life….I love u and thank u for being such a good mommy and I respect your talent it is truly Gods gift to u along with us 🙂 and Im glad that ur writting again…I love u and God Bless u mommy!!!!!!

  2. Dawn Says:

    I truly love this one. It started off so positive and went so wrong. I felt it…! Nice … I’m continuing to read. Thanks so much for visiting my blog as well,…and thanks for sharing yours.

    Much Love —

    Dawn (the she-spot)

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