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(J)anuary 1,(J-1)2010 January 5, 2010

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(J)anuary 1, (J-1) 2010 Focus & Direction

So it’s J-1

The old is done.

I’ll now pursue what’s true, new, and

Will bring me through to

The next phase,

The next page,

The next stage

Of what lies ahead

In this drama called “Life.”

So I’ll write the vision and make it plain

Then prepare my fields for the latter rains

Of blessings that will overflow,

My cup, my harvest for this I know

I will reap sweetly for the seed I’ve sewn;

And joy will replace the sorrow I’ve known

In the year now past and overthrown

We now call it yesterday.

*Good-bye yesterday!*

J-1. J-1 I’ve now begun

The trek that follows my pre-ordered path;

And begin the New Year with a quiet blast

That blows open the damn from my writer’s pen,

To compare the now, with what was then

The telltale signs of my personal growth

Have I kept my promise or honored the oath?

That I’d made to myself, as to what would be

Of the year now past, that did rapidly flee

Away. Away. Away from me…

So quickly it seems.

*Though the trek, the task to begin again is fruitful.*

For the well-ordered life can stand introspection,

Can brave the way for new direction

To accomplish the will I was created to do

To rejoice each morning for mercy that’s new

And grace just sufficient for each day alone…and then

I will take up the charge as I pick up my pen

And write and recite it over again

“I CAN!”



By Robminx © 2010 All rights reserved. Poem-a-Day Series by Robminx


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