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January 2, (J-2)Gratitude January 5, 2010

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January (J-2) Gratitude

J-2, is the glue that seals the deal

That fuels the passion of what I feel

To have faith that the promises be made real

I can’t touch it yet; but I see it still

And taste it… so yes I believe.

I believe I can have what my mind has conceived

I can taste the victory my dreams have retrieved

From the yester- year that faded so fast

With fragments of hope from desires past

The strings of fulfillment within my grasp

So I’m ever, ever reaching for my goals.

Working out my salvation in my most holy faith

Through prayer, building stamina to run the race

Set before me.

Lord I need You now, like never before

The enemy’s trick is keeping a score

Of the times I have sinned and fallen short of the glory

And the times I’ve messed up he re-tells the story

Of how I have squandered your marvelous grace

As he comes to Your throne, to throw up in Your face

The ways I’ve let you down… Father.

Yet still I come BOLDLY before Your throne of grace

I fall to my knees and lay on my face

And cry out to you, for I know you will hear

You have not given me the spirit of fear,

But of power, and Love, and a mind that is sound

You died for my sins, so I won’t be bound

You will not give me over to the killer and thief

You are well acquainted with temptations and grief

We’re connected by blood

You’re the branch. I’m a leaf

On this tree of life so filled with fruit

I have loved you Lord from the days of my youth

I am grateful that You first loved me.

By Robminx © 2010 All rights reserved. Poem-a-Day Series by Robminx


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