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January 3, (J-3) January 5, 2010

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January 3, (J-3)

J-3 brings a plea for courage and strength

That I won’t fall short, but will reach the length

Of the lofty heights that my mind can’t conceive

God prepared it for me, so I must believe

That He Who has begun a good work in me

Shall see it to completion.

So I’ll brave the winds of the great unknown

Step out on faith to take hold of and own

What God’s shown to me

In visions and dreams

I stand not alone for I have been redeemed

By my Kinsman, my LOVE, the Holy One of Israel

The Lion of the tribe of Judah

No other one with God’s sovereignty

Not Mohammad, nor Krishna, or Buddha

But the one who knew me before I was born

The One who keeps filled my blessed horn…

Of plenty.


by Robminx © 2010 All rights reserved. Poem-a-Day Series by Robminx


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