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January 7,(J-7) Affirmations January 7, 2010

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January 7, (J-7) Affirmations

J-7 rolled in with an arctic snap

My fingers froze when I turned on the tap

And gazed in the mirror and mouthed affirmations

Then smiled to myself to feel the sensations

Of the warm water flow through my fingers.

“You’re a woman of wisdom, wealth and grace.”

I affirmed to myself in the mirror’s face

“You are healthy and wealthy and wise and well”

Looking deep in my eyes, I continued to tell

Myself what I must to believe.

For me to receive, then I must say

And affirm to myself everyday

“I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

In my Father God’s image ( I look like my Dad)

I smile once again, cause I’m very glad

I can have what my Abba says!

So like Him…

I shall call those things that be not

As though they were, I’ll give it a shot

To conquer the fear of failure and lack

To nurture my self and not hold back

On my faith, yes I believe.

It’s not a sin to want something more

Like the Saints of old, who walked before

They stepped out on faith, with only a dream

Believing in God, though sometimes it seemed

Impossible to attain.

Jesus came, He said

So that I can have life;

I can choose to have it free from strife

I’ll enjoy my life,

In abundance too.

He is not a man that He should lie

not a thing He’s prepared for me, He’ll deny

He love’s me. He love’s me.

This I know IS true.

by Robminx © 2010 All rights reserved. 2010 Poem-a-Day Series by Robminx


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