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January 8,(J-8)Patience January 9, 2010

January 8, (J-8)

J-8 has certainly opened the gate

To explore new paths,

With more to create.

My morning meeting went really great;

But I’m mentally forking the tasks on my plate.

Am I giving my all to my current position?

Am I a true team player advancing the mission?

Should I raise the bar, and set higher goals?

Or be patient to see how it all unfolds?

For now I’m an indian, assisting a chief,

I serve with humility, avoiding the grief;

Not often regarded for all that I do,

But for the best outcome, I’ll focus my view.

I am meet to stand and follow through

On the trial that is set before me

I’ll swallow my pride, learn the lesson You teach,

For to You God be all the glory.

It seems silly to me, to make easy tasks hard.

The simplest path seems the best.

Is the patience I’ve prayed for ernestly,

The reason for this test?

I trust You Lord as the hour glass

Is turned and shifts it’s sands.

I know I’ll emerge victorious

For my life is in Your hands.

by Robminx © 2010 All rights reserved. 2010 Poem-a-Day Series by Robminx



4 Responses to “January 8,(J-8)Patience”

  1. 67notout Says:

    Arrived here from fuelmyblog, which I have just joined.

    Great idea for a blog and loved your poems – you have talent!

    Good luck,

  2. Lynda Says:

    When I prayed for God to teach me patience, my trials were unbelieveably difficult: brothers, sisters, children, neighbors, co-workers, friends, church folk and non church folk,even strangers, all played a part in the tests and trials that eventually (5 years) taught me to be patient and trust in God.

    • robminx Says:

      Lynda my dear ultimate, amazing, beautful big sister God Bless you & Happy New Year! Thanks so much for stopping by with all the love,wisdom and understanding you always bring. That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger no doubt, but the pain and sufferung in between doesn’t kill and stronger is beast sometimes. lol
      I really appreciate you follwing the blog. I hope it will bring smiles and inspiration to you and my other readers. Tell the fam I said “Hi!” and send much love and prayer ya’ll’s way. I LOVE YOU LYNDA!!!

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