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January 9, (J-9) Work it! January 10, 2010

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J-9 is Saturday, that’s just fine

Let go of the weekday hustle and grind

Chill out with my family, ease my mind

And laugh cause it’s good for my soul.

My kids called out “Mom come check out YouTube!”

With laptop in hand, they burst in my room

To show me some kids dancing to a “Bounce” tune

Loose butts bouncing wild on the screen.

Now let me explain what “Bounce” music is

It’s all the rage with New Orleans kids.

The music is fast with a funky beat

As they shake their butts wildly and tap their feet.

Now their shake is like nothing you’ve probably seen

The Master bounce dancers can work their groove mean

Pivot down on one leg and turn it around

Kick a leg in the air

Do a split on the ground.

All this, while shaking backsides in a frenzy

People standing around

Tourist throwing their pennies

Into caps and hands in the old French Quarter

I’m looking and thinking “That’s somebody’s daughter.”

Amazed at their motions, and moved by the beat

I found myself rocking and tapping my feet.

With hands on my hips moving side to side

Lost in my groove, til my daughter cried

“Ya’ll, look at mama, she’s doing the dance!”

Their loud screams of laughter broke my trance.

I opend my eyes, pursed my lips in a smirk

Said” Ya’ll didn’t know I could make all this ‘WORK’?”

As I tapped my behind, and now laughing to tears

Asked them,”How did you think all of ya’ll got here?”


by Robminx © 2010. All rights reserved. 2010 Poem-a-Day Series by Robminx.


2 Responses to “January 9, (J-9) Work it!”

  1. 67notout Says:

    So that’s what Bounce is. Thanks for the explanation! Have always wanted to go to New Orleans but have only been to the USA once and then I toured the west coast (I’m in England). Just love your writing.

    • robminx Says:

      Hey, Mike! Glad to see you back. I’m from New Orleans, now living in Dallas via Hurricane Katrina. I’ve skipped across the pond to England, traveling with my family en route to Kenya in Africa as small child. Happy to have informed you of what Bounce music/dance is. Electrifying to watch, and the music just makes you move; Even old gals like me ;-0. Iam moved by the fact that you like the way I write. Ditto to you Mike. Your blog will be on my regular route.

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