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January 10, (J-10) January 11, 2010

January 10, (J-10)

J-10 a new week begins again

Woke up feeling bad, so I just stayed in

Watched church on the net in my satin PJ’s

Lift my hot mug of coffee, and give God the praise!

Come out! Come out! Where ever you are!

Bishop Jakes preached at church today

Of Jonathans victory against the Philistines

Gave me hope help is on the way.

For the battles I face, are not bigger than, the God who goes before me

As I step out on faith, and face my fears, I will trust God and give him the glory!

From the book of 1 Samuel chapter 14

Bishop Jakes really preached that text

I will face the challenges coming my way

And not fret of what may come next.

It’s time for me to rest again

My head seeks a soft fluffy pillow

Say a prayer; go to sleep; dream sweet and know

Where ever God leads I am willing to go.

by Robminx © 2010 All rights reserved. 2010 Poem-a-Day Series by Robminx


6 Responses to “January 10, (J-10)”

  1. TrueMan Says:

    Very nice poem. Be ready to fight your problems head on. God will only help those who help themselves.

    • robminx Says:

      Thanks TrueMan you are so right. It took me time but I’ve learned to face what’s facing me trusting God. I’m pressing on ready for the battle. Glad you stopped by!

  2. newlifemusic Says:

    It’s the battle is in our minds
    that stirs that endless heat
    as deciding between right and wrong
    is at the precipice of self defeat

    to kill the flesh is to win;
    we know the answer off hand
    yet only His Grace & Mercy
    strengthens us to stand

    yet standing is just the first step
    in all that we must do
    now go…reach out to others
    as God is Love, and we should be too


    • robminx Says:

      Hey, NewLifeMusic thanks for visiting and commenting so beautifully, prophetically & poetically! Don’t be a stranger. See you at Connection2Grace.

  3. Very informative content will subscribe to your RSS Feed.

    • robminx Says:

      Oh Thank You Soooo Much! I appreciate you stopping by and subscribing to my blog. My PC’s been acting up and I haven’t posted lately, but I’m back. God bless you.

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