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January 11,(J-11) Mom “Stuff” comes in 3’s January 12, 2010

January 11, (J-11) Mom “Stuff” come’s in 3’s


J-11, was full of surprise

It seems from the moment I opened my eyes

At four in the morning to see my son

Fine tuning his homework and getting it done

He’d been up all night surfing the net

“Have you been to sleep son?” ” No Mom not yet.”

Oh what havoc procrastination wreaks

“How long have you had to do this son?” “About three weeks.”


The afternoon was not much better

My daughter was crying, hmmm…

What could upset her?

“School mom; it’s school.Sometimes it’s pain!”

“So much coming at you, it makes you insane!”

“Well to whom much is given…” I started to say

She cried into my shoulder, where her head lay

“I know mom, I know. But sometimes it’s rough.

“As hard as I try, it seems never enough!”

‘I don’t want to dissapoint you.” She miserably moaned.

“You can’t dissapoint me. Your life’s journey’s your own.

I said, “My life is my life, and your life is yours.”

“We were not all created to choose the same doors,

Of life’s opportunities, varied and many

Blessings abound, on paths aplenty!”


The evening had more, in store, for sure!

The weight had become a bit much to endure.

A “mini” crisis , the gut wrenching kind

Jerked at my heart, and troubled my mind.

No mom, ever, wants to see her child suffer

To save them from harm, we become the buffer

We throw ourselves in front of the bus

So they won’t get hit, we sacrifice us

Sometimes, we must stop and realize

Things happen in life to catch us by surprise

What God has in store we don’t always know

It takes sunshine and rain to make flowers grow

And sometimes manure to enrich the soil

Too much “Mom” intervention can ruin and spoil

What God is perfecting in our children’s lives

The harshest conditions can teach them to thrive

Inspite of hardships, set backs, and such

We can give some assistance, but not be a crutch

So I cried my tears, then tucked them away

Crawled back into bed about 2:30(a.m.), I’ll say

Instead of complaining

I’ll trust, praise, and pray.

by Robminx © 2010. All rights reserved. 2010 Poem-a-Day Series by Robminx.


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