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January 13,(J-13) Sow. Sow. January 14, 2010


January 13, J-13)

J-13 a productive day indeed

Got so much accomplished, I stopped the bleed

My vessle was cracked,leaked all over the place

Thought I’d hit the wall in this harried race

Thank God for His grace and His mercy new

That rests upon me like mornig dew

I stopped and recalled the Giants I slew

All in Jesus Name

God gives me the strength to follow through

The courage to conquer all that I must do

He’s no respecter of persons, you see

He’ll do it for you, like He’s done it for me

As you’re blessed to walk life’s journey today

Take a moment to think of Haiti and pray

God’s continued blessings.

by Robminx © All rights reserved. 2010 Poem-a-Day Series by Robminx.


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