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January 15, (J-15) A riddle in the middle January 26, 2010

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January 15, (J-15) A riddle in the middle

J-15 the first month in the middle

New Year, another chance to answer the riddle

Need to concentrate on my life’s puzzle pieces

The picture takes shape; wrong piece, how it teases


Fuzzy fogged up mind, must step back from the table

Come back to it later when I’m better able.

Speak life to my soul, I won’t be depressd

The images from Haiti remind me I’m blessed

I still shudder when I think of their misery

Remembering Hurricane Katrina, back then it was me

Six days in the Super Dome, doing my best

To keep my family together

With no time to rest.

Stood in line for fourteen hours to get on a bus

From New Orleans to Dallas, all eight of us

Slept on dirty floors, hard cots, and used borrowed sheets

Flash backs from the flood, bodies floating in streets

The life that I knew was all washed away

2005, August 29, what a fateful day

Yes my world was shaken, not by earthquake

But by diliberatly blown levees that men blew to make

Sure the Uptown and French Quarter path

Did not feel the fury of Katrina’s wrath

Was it just money, or political bets?

That flushed us out of the city like rats in toilets?

Lord I know that I’m blessed, inspite of the pain

Inspite of my nightmares when I hear the rain

Despite major depression, and panic attacks

That feel like I’m having a heart attack

So now I stop and take a look at things from all sides

Search deep within myself where the answer abides

Thank God for the cups of blessing I’ve sipped

In His image I’m created so I’m well equipped

With the tools to craft my assigned excellent works

For as a Kings kid, I’ll enjoy all the perks

of my royal heritage

In the family of Christ.

by Robminx © All rights reserved. 2010 Poem-a-Day Series by Robminx


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