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January 17, (J-17) January 26, 2010

January 17, (J-17)

J-17 a joy filled Sunday

Go to church with the girls,

Looking good in my gray.

The message was awesome and so were the girls

At different stages of life, like a strand of elegant pearls.

Raynette my best friend in her 40’s like me

My eldest daughter Kyla soon to be 23

My second daughter Tyne almost 22

A day filled with laughter no time to boo hoo

At the Cheese Cake Factory celebrating Kyla and Ray

I call Ray my Ray of Sunshine cause she brightens my day

So the January babies smiled radient and bright

As we stuffed ourselves on sumptuous delights

Of pasta and burgers and yummy cheese cake

“Lord somebody stop us PLEASE, for goodness sake!”

We begged; as we ate…some more

And laughed, and talked and grabbed our doggie bags to go home for sure

And sleep off the “ITIS!”

Now if you aren’t familiar with that mean old “ITIS”

You’ve experienced it before, not hard to recognize it

It usually happens after ThanksGiving dinner.

It’s when you eat too much, and start to feel lazy

And if you can’t lay down, then you go a little crazy

Pop your pants top botton; sigh relief when you fart

Yeah, I really said it, better OUT if you’re smart!

It’s not like you haven’t done it, and blamed it on another

Like that annoying co-worker, or your poor kid brother

Okay I digress, forgive me but hey

I had a great time on this blessed Sunday!

by Robminx © All rights reserved. 2010 Poem-a-Day Series by Robminx


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