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January 24, (J-24) Yet more January 26, 2010

January 24, (J-24) Yet more

J-24 oh Lord I want more, more

Time with my Tynie, a child I adore

She’s leaving today to go back to school

Morgan State in Baltimore, man that’s cool

I’ll have two college graduates in 2011

So proud of my kids, on cloud 9, I’m in heaven

All six kids in college, and all doing well

With gratitude, not pride, my chest does swell

Kyla 23, all Business, such class

Tyne 21, doing Psych, brains and sass

Iman 20, Teaching and growing young minds

Robyn 19, English major, her writings divine

Greg Jr.17 dual credits in high school and college too, a great man of God, so handsome and ooh

Maya 15, dual credits like big brother, smart, amazing and beautiful,

Like the rest of the crew

Oh Lord how you’ ve blessed me

You’ve blessed me indeed

With all I have prayed for

And more than I need.


by Robminx © All rights reserved. 2010 Poem-a-Day Series by Robminx


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