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January 31(J-31) One down, 11 more to go February 1, 2010

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January 31, (J-31)

J-31, unusual at best

So much has happened to put me to the test

Of who I really thought I am, and who I want to be

Sometimes what the heck I’m doing is a mystery to me.

My day began with rough news, some concerns about a friend

And more regarding friendships is how my day will end

It’s made me stop to contemplate what’s real and right or true

Of a tried and tested friendship, and one that’s fairly new

I pray God for discernment, but the answer’s in my gut

No time to fool myself with IF’s, or AND’s or But’s

It’s time to act a woman, and put girlish stuff away

Or pain I don’t need later is the price I’ll have to pay

So it’s time for me to walk away

Right now!

by Robminx


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