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February 1, (F-1) February 5, 2010

F-1, what fun, I’m getting things done

Just dealing with everything under the sun

So much obligation, too much on my plate

The things I once loved I’m starting to hate

Look up and another thing comes in to grate

On my last nerve.

Something strange has ushered a new era into my world

In the guise of precious treasure, like diamonds and pearls

But on the inside somethings warning me not to be decieved

For if do not heed the warning, I’ll somehow be agrieved

Nothing else can fill this vacuum, this seeming empty void

That’s creeping up to get me, to make me feel annoyed

A stealthy, crafty enemy, that needs to be destroyed.

I’ll fight this thing through prayer, it just cannot be ignored

For the battle is not mine, it’s the LORDS!

By Robminx


8 Responses to “February 1, (F-1)”

  1. TrueMan Says:

    Let go and let God deal with it.

  2. Trueman Says:

    Hey you. Where you been? I need some new stuff!

  3. CZA The CEO Says:

    Best attitude I’ve seen all day! Thanks for posting this up.

  4. Trueman Says:

    I hope all is well. When are we going to see something new?

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