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“G” Spot April 5, 2010

Good Lord He hit my “G” Spot

My everything that’s me Spot

My Hot Spot

My Love Spot

My Give it all you’ve got Spot

Good Lord He put it on me

He laid his Loving on me

He wrapped Himself around me

I lost it , but He found me

Good Lord how He released me

From chains that bound, He freed me

From sin and death He saved me

A new life my God gave me

Good Lord my My ABBA Love’s me

My Father in heaven adores me

His loving Words implore me

Instruct me, Restore me

Good Lord, God is my “G” Spot

My Better part of Me Spot

My Rock Spot, My Whole Spot

Thank God He saved my Soul Spot

The Good Lord “GOD” is my “G” Spot!!!



4 Responses to ““G” Spot”

  1. Trueman Says:

    Now you know you ain’t right. I was ready to read about a little somethin’ somethin’ going on and you threw the Lord into it. That’s just wrong :-). Good read.

  2. Texaspoet Says:

    I have enjoyed reading your work as a hobbyist poet myself. What I enjoyed most, was the very deep and sincere way you share yourself in your writing. You are indeed a special person.

    I have just got back from New York City after a four day pleasure vist. It was mainly to see some plays on Broadway with my wife and some friends, who came with us. A revisit to my childhood place of raising in Harlem New York was a great experience. Take care.


    • robminx Says:

      Thank you John for stopping by and leaving such lovely encouraging comment. Please don’t be a stranger, and I’ll be sure to check out your blog too.

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