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Prelude to freedom… April 30, 2010

The length of the bed was too great for me to stretch out tip to tip, but the effort felt good anyway. The first time in years I could lay in bed all by myself. My fresh 350 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets felt so cool against my legs. A deep sighed escaped my lips and my head sank deeper into my ultra soft pillow. I moaned out loud as I lay atop a bed that I hadn’t moaned in, in a very long time. My eyes traced dancing shadows on the ceiling. A weary smile curled the corners of my mouth as I whispered a  grateful ” Thank You LORD!” for a hint of savoring my first day of freedom ahead…

By Robminx


2 Responses to “Prelude to freedom…”

  1. Trueman Says:

    Just stay strong. Sounds like you’re doing fine 🙂

    • robminx Says:

      Thanks TrueMan my friend. I am doing fine. So happy you stopped by to check in on me. You are missed…but I do hope you’re having a great time in your new spot. All sounds exciting and wonderful. Living the charmed life are we dear???

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