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The Legend of the Good PASSION Serenade…Pt. 1 June 5, 2010

This is for my home girl, who shared with me her excitement when she met him; her joy when she said she loved him; her angst when she suspected him; her pain when he left her…with a sad love song to sing. Her morning has come in like the greeting of the sun, and her night of weeping is now done, done, done.

The musical legend of the good passion serenade…

Like a recording

Keeps my mind playing memories of  love we once made

Humming tunes and melodies of songs you made my goody sing

Sade in the background crooning my feelings for you, “Your love is King!”

I remember how you moaned and said “Damn girl your stuff is good!”

I remember screaming so loud, they still know your name in my hood

My lovespot holds the memory of your fingerprints baby

How you started with your fingertips driving me crazy

Then you let your tongue take over, and you drove a sista wild

But you strapped up for the finale…we weren’t trying to make a child….

How the second time you hit , I just couldn’t stop humming

How when you touched me there again, like guitar strings strumming

How you started slow and built up all the tension in my loins

Like the energizer bunny, you kept going, and going and going

Now it’s all just a memory, like a song I once heard played

And instead of the future you promised, I just simply got laid

And my phone you used to blow up is now on the hook like dead

And the love I thought you felt for me was only in my head

And the love poems you once wrote to me are past their faded glory

And the words you used to read to me were just another story

So lets put our cards on the table and just call a spade a spade

How your lies destroyed the legend of my good passion serenade…..

by Robminx



2 Responses to “The Legend of the Good PASSION Serenade…Pt. 1”

  1. Tina Says:

    Humm…I like that one really. I got all caught up in it and had to read back to the back drop to realize why everything got bad all of a sudden. I guess thats what I get for rushing to the juicy parts..haha. Overall great poem! I’m sure she loves it too

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