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THE ARTIST June 10, 2010

He paints a portrait of our love in bold vivid colors

broad strokes of his brush caress the canvas of me

he paints his love upon my soul with stark precision

each stroke a slow deliberate action…to take control of me

I wonder…beneath his eave of rafters

is our passion just an abstract, or timeless bowl of ripe fresh fruit?

this subtle artist with the skill to rival masters

his face set in stone, sincere, resolute

His work of art… the smile he crafted on my face

with each squeeze of my hips in his hands, such grace

each tickle of his tongue to my inner thigh

each kiss behind my knees, shoulders, and face

So i told him how i wanted him to do me,

how i wanted my image to be portrayed

I said…

“Color me with vibrant palates

make your paint brush sing my praise

capture me, my inner poet

set my eyes a searing gaze

eyes that follow all your movements

like rhythms of poetic phrase

tis fine art… this love we’re making

you’ve been stoking me for days!”

His response was cool and steady

his response was hot and wild

his response was playing with me

to release my inner child…

Once the mood was set for laughter

and my aura filled with joy

he pulled back his artists jacket

and released his grown up toy…..

My response was, wordless wonder

his response, a prideful smirk

my response was “I’m your canvas!”

his response… in my opinion,

had to be his finest work!!!




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