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WITHOUT YOU June 11, 2010


In the light of the day, with sun, and life and wind all around me

solitary still exists….for when I’m not in Your presence…i am truly all alone

no taste to what i eat, no color to what i see, or smell to what i breathe in

nor feel for what i touch…..without You, what is life but emptiness

And laughter has no ring, it’s simply hollow

and song has no sing, it’s simply noise

and words have no meaning when they’re spoken

for life without You is simply void

For You’ve become my breath to breathe in laughter

and You’ve become the ache that ushers Joy

and You’ve become the answer to the riddle

and You the antidote to nuisance ploys

For on the days I stray and wander from You

lifes simple things seem harder by the chore

to not be in the presence of Your glory

is madness, You’re the one whom I adore

By Robminx

Copyright 2010


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