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love junkie July 19, 2010

burning up in the flames of my affliction

lovesick all because of you

you’re like a drug…fueling my addiction

caught up..don’t know what i’m gonna do

i beat my veins, trying to find the right connection

and you’re the needle, penetrating my soul

i moan and nod when you feed me your affection

i’m stretched out…you’re in complete control

love junkie….

it’s not a pretty sight

slipping in and out o changes

like a thief in the night

back alleys…looking for a fix

running from the night slaves

and their bags of dirty tricks

imma a fresh face in this neighborhood

loving somebody never felt so bad or good

love junkie

about to go insane

need more of your loving just to ease away the pain

the thrill of loving you

the feel of needing you

the ache of wanting you

i’m so addicted to you

the pain won’t go away until I’m right there next to you….

by robminx

copyright 2010


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