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You have… August 7, 2010

You have Beloved, done, what no one else could do

you have

made me know for sure that love and dreams do come true

you have

taken time to get to know me thru and thru

you have

with all the ways you’ve loved me, you’ve made me love you too

you have

opened up places in me Darling, I didn’t know existed

you have

held the broken heart of this little girl in your hands

bandaged it and kissed it

you have

done the one thing I thought impossible & rare

you have

patiently held onto love’s hope, and proved to me you care

you have

taken precious time to wade thru all my pain and fears

you have

taken me into your heart, and kissed away my tears

you have oh Love

you have mon coeur

shown me that it’s true

that it’s safe to love me, because you love me too

you have

with all your loving, made me love you too.

By Robminx

copyright 2010


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