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long distance kiss September 9, 2010

If you’ve never known the beauty of the long distance love kiss, you’re missing out. He blew me a kiss over the phone, absentmindedly…just a quick “Muah!”….”Ok honey, I’ll talk to you later!” I went quiet…he asked…”Are you there? “Yes I’m here.” I answered…my imagination still savoring the first kiss. “I’ll call you later then baby.”….the delightful French accent lifting the edge of each word. “Ok, baby that’s cool…Darling…” I said. “Yeah baby, what is it?” he asked…”I love you….Mwah” “Oh yes, baby, Muah, love you too!” I got happy and ‘Mwahhhed!” again, he chuckled and ‘Muaaahhhed!” back…..we laughed, at our over the phone kissing game silliness. It was sweet, and I longed for more. I knew he had to go tend to the naughty oversized puppy dog nipping at him, on the verge of wreaking havoc. ” No Blackie, down!” he commanded. I laughed into the phone…”This dog, is something else.” he said….”I can tell; I see who’s running things over there.” I giggled…”Well I’ll let you go then, for now. Will you call me later dear?” “Yes baby, I’ll call you.” That delightful accent, the joy and laughter in his voice…the yummy “Muaaaahhhh!!!” kiss he blew once more into the phone…before we said goodbye for the last time, are all reasons…I stood with the phone in one hand, and my other hand gently tracing the imaginings and   goodness, of his sweet long distance love kiss. MUAHHHHHHHH!




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