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Guardian Angel of my dreams… November 6, 2010

Guardian Angel of my dreams….

he’s here to guard

not haunt my dreams

he slips through the cracks, crevices, seams

to take down the fear and terror of the night

the pain of the past and demons he fights

he’s here to guard not haunt my dreams

he flies to my rescue if he hears me moan

when i’m lost in a dream and all alone

i feel his strong arms slip around my waist

he kisses my cheek , there my tears he will taste

he whispers “I love you” so soft in my ear

I feel his thumb wipe away my tear

he hums lullabies, comforting themes

he is here to guard not haunt my dreams

he holds back the day from rushing in

he fields the phone calls from family and friends

he lovingly sends the kids back  to their beds

he rubs my back, shoulders, and head

he says “let it go…” when the night terrors scream

he’s here to guard me not haunt my dreams

he tenderly kisses me on the lips

i awaken to breakfast, and coffee …ummmm..first sip

a vibrant red rose, in a vase on the tray

mixed berries and toast to start my day

he reaches over to caress my cheek

he asks with his eyes, no need to speak

the question, he asks each morn I awake

for granted his love i will never take

so i nod my response to the question so true

saying “BELOVED, no other man can compare to you!”

by Robminx

copyright 2010


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