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Surviving is not enough! February 20, 2011

I made it through the bad times that almost took me out

Every hope and dream I had, tossed, battered about

A  pearl, a diamond, special treasure, before a swiney snout

My deliverance has come nigh, it’s time to Praise and Shout!!!

Victory; Deliverance; Healing; Peace divine

I’m claiming; Taking all I want, and everything that’s mine.

Hanging in;  Just making it;  Surviving’s not enough

God has so much more for me,

Tough times don’t phase the tough

I’m tough.

Yes I’m tough and tender too,

A blessed woman through and through

Doing what I’ve got to do

Get out of my way, I’m coming Through

To take the place before me, in the presence of my enemies,

At the table of God’s precious love, prepared just for Me

I feel the sweet oil anoint my head,

So pure flows to my feet.

Passionately, savoring my overflowing cup

Goodness and mercy have followed me

Surviving is not enough!

Robminx the Rhythm Rhymer

copyright 2011


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