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Mystery & History February 21, 2011

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Our history, is no mystery

It’s been spoken or written about

And slavery’s injustice, didn’t just exist in the south

Enslavement is a mindset, either born or wooed into

Are you a slave to circumstance, or a deliberate act of you?

When you have chosen not to vote, or elevate your own state of mind

You have chosen to stay stuck, in what is left behind

When you refuse to crack a book, to question, argue, explore

You have chosen the lesser path, enlightenment, you’ve ignored

All cultures experience injustice, that’s the natural state of man

Some seek or create those of lower esteem, to have them at their command.

Are you the predator, or the prey?

Are you swallowed by darkness? Do you shine as the day?

Have you bought the lie, ate from the pie of our Nations History books?

Have you stood your ground, and marched around, till your walls of Jericho shook?

Do you confront the lads, with the baggy pants, advertising their willingness to be overcome?

Or do you shake your head, complain, go to bed, crouch in the comfort of your your own home?

I have heard it said from times long past, that no man is an island

If an earthquake shakes me from across the globe, the tremors will be felt in your hand

When you take a look in your pocketbook, and see less in your wallet

For the goods you rely on from overseas, low supplies, demand higher prices

Our history is no mystery.

We know the grand design

crack a book, and take a look,

people please elevate your mind!

Robminx the Rhythm Rhymer

copyright 2011


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