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EMPTY MY PEN July 5, 2013

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Empty My Pen

Wrapped my fingers around the pen, tapped that paper to write again.
Pressed it down to make it flow, can’t stop now, just go, go, go!
All these thoughts running through my head, pour them out and go to bed.
Thoughts of Gods grace all over me; Thank you God for eyes to see.
Thank you God for blessings true. Thank you God for all you do.
Worries try to settle in, get back satan to hell again.
Guilt and shame play mournful songs, unforgiveness spewing wrongs.
Past mistakes try to take center stage, painful past shouts foul with rage
Raise my voice and scream “NO! NO! Step back devil to hell you go!” Jesus came and washed my sins, you can’t bring them back again.
Cares of life came pressing hard, simple prayer “Please help me Lord. I can’t do this all alone.” On my face before the throne.
God’s throne of grace I visit oft.
In God’s arms is safety soft.
Hopes and dreams seem far away, I press on and pray, pray, pray!
Write my visions and make them plain, I believe it’s not in vain.
I believe God’s Word is true, calling all my blessings due.
Gratitude weighs heavy, sweet. Sing Gods praises in the street.
Sing Gods praises at work and play. Sing God’s praises every day!
Aches and pains attack my flesh, fear shows up in hand with stress.
Open my mouth and here proclaim “I’m healed and whole in Jesus Name!”
Wrapped my fingers around my pen “Thank you Lord again, again.” That is all. Enough said. Drop my pen and go to bed. Sweet dreams!

© Robin Lelani. 2013 All rights reserved.


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