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Tending the Garden March 14, 2013

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Tending the Garden

Juice drips abundant from the vine, and fruit hangs heavy on the tree. The harvest is in need of harvesting and the laborers are nowhere to see. This mature love is ripe, over ripe for the picking, with no hands to pull it away. Procrastination has trumped potential, and lack has now seized the day. No wine will be made for merry. No teeth will cherish the bite. For the field to harvest is barren, abandoned in dark of night. The taste of nectar is wanting, with hungers to be satisfied. And hope shrinks like a raisin, when passion is long denied. And crisp of apple is mushy; and sour replaces orange sweet; and cherries turn black from neglected touch, trampled beneath the feet. Look well to attend to your garden. Look well to give all your care. Look well to the ant who prepares her work, for lazy breeds lack more to spare. And wasting increases the wanting; As greed leaves empty and sore. While putting off what needs to be done today, means work increases the more. For youth is not to be wasted, and wisdom never ignored. Gods gifts should be cherished and used for good, not selfishly locked up and stored. If gray hair alludes to wisdom, and wisdom accompanies grace, put your hand to the plow and get it done now, you don’t have time to waste.
Thank you Lord for blessing the work of my hands, and the energy to get my work done!

Robin Lelani 2013